– WS Global Export Services Limited

A professional International Sales Management Company.

Management Expertise:

  • Strategic Plan development including business planning and forecasting
  • Extensive process knowledge to create cross functional alignment to support international sales
  • Ensure simplicity and avoid business distraction from domestic operations for our principals

Sales Expertise:

  • Extensive network of Distributor Partners in over 70 countries around the world with a focus on “Organic and Natural” North American Brands
  • Strategic approach that identifies priority countries and proactively builds business with distributor partners
  • Structured International customer “On Boarding” process to connect distributor partners with our portfolio of brands
  • Support business and build brand equity with consumer marketing programs

Customer Service and Operations Expertise:

  • Structured monthly approach to ensure seamless order management and timely production
  • Ensure the international business is incremental & complimentary for our principal